Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting started .....

I'd written four novels before I ever sat down to hone the craft. I discovered that getting published is a marketing adventure. Yes, you have to be good, but you also have to have a story that captures the attention of avid readers. So I'm working on a political suspense and learning my craft.

Picture America in fifteen years with none of our major problems solved. Picture Social Security bankrupt, foreign countries owning our businesses and our land, and drugs, gangs, and lawless on our streets. Enter a third political party, and a man with a plan to save America from collapse. That is the setting of The Independent.

Bill Porter went to Congress as a Republican thinking he could make a difference for America. He discovered things didn't work that way in Washington. A decade later, he's running for president as the nominee of a third political party, the ITP. Can a conservative Christian backed by a new political base become President of the United States?

What a rich ride it is to create my first fiction novel!