Thursday, April 16, 2009

Successes and Expectations

With our move from Bixby to Broken Arrow, and our grandson's unexpected arrival, Pam and I have been swamped. But now, hopefully, we can update this blog more often. Having said that, I want to share the latest success in my writing adventures. Chicken Soup for the Soul:Count Your Blessings has sent me a proof of my short story, Through a Glass Darkly. It should come out in print December 2009. This is the second success in the past four months, and it gives me encouragement that my writing is improving.

I have great expectations for the future. I've submitted three entries to ACFW's Genesis contest in the Contemporary Fiction category. I submitted a short story to Lorian Hemingway's Short Story Competition, and I've completed my edits on four - count them - four novels! I'm preparing to layout a marketing campaign aimed at publication. Agents and Editors here I come.

I'll be a contributor this coming month to The Write Life, a e-zine that is growing in popularity. And, of course, I continue to learn and network through TWV2, hosted by Mary DeMuth. It's is a blessing.