Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time to go hunting....where is my Agent?

We are off to Dallas and the best writing conference in all of the mid west. How to begin! First we must develop a check list. Attending a writers conference is a lot of work and very scary. First, we need a schedule of all the workshops, right? Yes, of course. Then we need to research all of the agents and editors coming. Which ones do we want to Pitch to? What publishing house do the represent? Will they want my work?

Next comes the development of the pitch, the resume, a marketing plan, a two page summary of the book I have written and then we practice, practice, practice. What will I say? I want the agent and editor to love my book. It is so timely with the story set in the middle of the presidential election. How different to have a third party candidate with a strong platform and an even stronger wife to support him. Will he win the election? Will the assassin succeed in killing the candidate and his wife? What will happen to the United States if Bill Porter does not win?

As well as pitching, there are many great workshops to attend. Gifted authors give of their time to help teach us newcomers all the tricks of the trade. There is so much information and so little time to process it all. Once home I'll spend days going over my notes with Pam, my wife, and we try to remember everything we learned.

I have one week left to prepare. Wish me luck.

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