Thursday, July 24, 2008

Say, where have you been?

Bill and I have been working hard to get ready for the Cec Murphy conference on August 6th. It is so exciting to have a noted author staying in our home. But the real thrill is all the writing craft Cec will share with all of the writers at the conference.

He gives each writer as much individual time as if you were the only one there. Cec offers growth to those who will head his teaching and he does it all in the love of Christ. If you are not sighed up for this conference, please check his web site for one coming up. It will be well worth it.

I will keep many notes to share with you next time I publish. Stay tuned.

Did I tell you we have a new member in our home? His name is Barkleah James and he now runs all of us around like he is in charge. He is a Toy Fox Terrier. All ten pounds of him are Alpha Dog and he demands our attention, love and keeps our Black Lab on her toes.

I will be adding fun stories from the Barkleah and Bailey Adventures going forward. Pictures will add to the humor. If you are not a dog lover, perhaps you will become one. They are very special creatures.

Poor Barkleah was not neutered when he was a small puppy. Now as he approaches two years of age, it is time to correct that omission. He does not want the surgery and has maintained a high liver count for over six months trying to eliminate the surgery. But as fate would have it, he is now well now and the time approaches. He will attend his surgery during the writer’s conference. I hope he understands. I know the attendees will be grateful that this guard dog is out of the home for a few days. He is always on alert and announcing every squirrel he sees in our backyard. Not too cool if you are trying to write.

I look forward to our next publication. See you soon.

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