Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Jim Laughter said...

I just ordered the Kindle version of Weapons of Jihad based solely on Bill and Pam's interview. I know the quality of their work and look forward to reading this book. As a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant having served 13-years at overseas bases, I know first-hand the dangers presented by radical Islam. I just hope some nut somewhere doesn't get hold of this book and say, "I should'a thought of that."

Just one thought. Postcards laced with smallpox wouldn't just affect the families they were mail to. Wouldn't at least a little of the infection transfer to other pieces of mail the postcards came into contact with? If so, that Publishers Clearing House envelope you receive in the mail may contain more than just a chance at a million dollars.

Jim Laughter
author, The Apostle Murders