Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Advantages of Self-Publishing - Part II

Self-publishing has vastly improved over the past decade. The quality of the printed books, the formatting, book cover design, and feel, give self-published books the look and the pricing of royalty publishing. Depending upon how much you can do for yourself, you should reap a greater profit.

Niche books sell the best. Non-fiction religious books have a nice built-in appeal. Books on self-improvement do well. How-to books can be winners. In fact, books on self-publishing are among the biggest self-publishing sellers. Fiction writers have to be able to find and reach their audience. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem, since genre writers can find each other far easier than they can find readers. Hence, we receive and delete thousands of emails a month trying to sell each other our stuff. lol

If you are a serious author, you must have patience. Don't expect to sell a thousand copies the first month. In 2006 Publisher's Weekly estimated the average book sold 500 copies in the first year. With today's economy, the average has dropped to closer to 250, and less than 3000 in its lifetime. Put your book out on the market and market consistently and persistently.

Okay, if you are consistent and persistent, self-published authors have an advantage. The publisher can't Backlist your book for poor sales. Typical houses pull novels off the shelves after eighteen months. A new author needs more than eighteen months to build a following, a platform, and generate a readership. The lifespan of a self-published book is unlimited. Score a point for self-publishing. Don't give up.

Enough for today, I'll be back with Part III in a few days.

Link to Room 1515 sales on Amazon.


Jack Eason said...

Speaking from personal experience Bill, my first sci-fi novel "Onet's Tale" was published by a recognised small press back in 2010. By the time I parted company with them earlier this month, OT had shifted just over 700 copies, 600 of them in a four day free give away period last month. So, even if you use a publisher, there are no guarantees. :)

CreateSpacer Jen said...

The success of your book always depend on your marketing strategy and not if you are self-published or traditional.

John Biggs said...

Writers are typically introverts who are big on ideas and small on action unless it is on a printed page. You are the obvious exception. Any pointers for the social pacifists among us?

Jack Eason said...

"CreateSpacer Jen said...

The success of your book always depend on your marketing strategy and not if you are self-published or traditional."

In this particular instance, the publisher in question did zero marketing Jen, except for offering it on Amazon and B&N. No trade publicity, no Sites like Facebook or Twitter - I did all of that. I concluded that as it was myself doing all of the work I would be far better off going it alone as an indie. A decision I don't regret. :)

Radine Trees Nehring said...

Very well-balanced and helpful information, Bill.