Monday, May 28, 2012

Various Methods for Writing a Novel.

Explode each of these possible techniques in your mind. Visualize yourself sitting down and actually doing all the preparation these options would take. Ask yourself, "Does this option fit my personality?"

Outlining: Do you have the patience to plot out your whole novel before you sit down to write?

Chapter synopsis: Are you willing to write a paragraph describing what action will take place in each chapter?

Research: How willing are you to sketch out your characters--birthplace, worldview, appearance, skills and weaknesses? How about location descriptions, particular if your novel takes place in a city you have never visited.

Motivation: For readers to empathize with characters, they must understand the character's motivation for their actions. Are you willing to predetermine why each main character reacts the way they will in your novel.

Will you use sticky notes as your reminders? Will you do character outlines, color eyes, occupation, married or single, etc?

I know authors who take months to plan and weeks to write. I know authors who have an idea, sit down and write the whole book from there. In the next few posts, we'll discuss the pros and cons of the main methods of writing a novel.

Between now and then, go to Take the free personality assessment. By understanding your profile, you may gain incites to your reluctance to try some different methods. I occasionally take this profile test as though I were my character. You will be surprised if you do. 

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John Biggs said...

I'm a blank-pager and a careful planner, depending on my mood. Either way, my plot seldom comes out like I thought it would, my characters aren't who I thought they were, and even the genre is something completely different from when things started out. Do you think I need medication?