Monday, February 6, 2012

How not to be Terrified the First Time You're Published.

When I was 24, I would have drank a six pack before reading any reviews of my novel. Thank God I'm past that stage in my life. I'm told the Japanese have a Casper the Ghost type bag they use in businesses. They go into a private room and pin the name of the person they're mad at on the bag. Then they beat the stuffing out of it. I may use that approach. Of course I'm going to get rave reviews, or maybe not.

An author could become paranoid starting out. Will people like my work? Will anyone but my good friends even buy the novel? Will I try to hunt down the b%@#*'s who pan my thriller? Come on now, everyone has those thoughts. So I ask for your prayers as I embark on my journey. Yes, I tell myself. I write because I have to, and I'd write if no one read my novels. Time will tell.

But you say, "Bill, you didn't tell us the formula for not being terrified." True. I don't have one.   

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