Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Room 1515 Coming in Three Weeks

Room 1515 is at the printers. Book Country, a Division of Penguin, walked me through the process. I designed the book cover, edited the text, picked the formatting, and set the pricing. Now I need your expert eyes to evaluate my book trailer. I've uploaded it for your review and added a questionnaire for you to rate the trailer. I was able to load the video, but not the audio. It's Mahler.


John Biggs said...

I've been looking forward to reading this book since I heard it was coming out so the trailer won't have any effect on my purchase plans. But the spy-girl model is a real hottie.

Chipper Muse said...

From a practical standpoint... the font was hard to read over the image of the spy girl and the world with the gold bricks. So you might want to figure out a way to get the font on black screen somehow.

From a reader's standpoint... I felt like the first part about the car crash made me think I was getting a totally different story, and so the spy girl image totally threw me. Take the intro out and start with the info about the cold spy girl. We don't need to know why she's doing it until we read the book.

You might also consider cutting the text down in other places. It seemed like a lot to read.

The story seems interesting though, and that's the main thing. Good premise.

Tracy Crump said...

Bill, the audio worked fine when I viewed the trailer.

I agree with Chipper Muse about the print being hard to read over the graphics. The image of the car crash caught my eye but didn't seem to have anything to do with the story line. Some of the text was a little overstated, such as saying the fate of the world lay in her hands. Overall, it sounds like an exciting book.

carla stewart said...

I agree with Chipper Muse and Tracy - hard-to-read print and a little wordy. Great images, but moves too slow for a fast paced thriller. Since I've never made a trailer, I'm the last person to ask about how to change it, but I would say, start with a faster clipped storyboard and shoot for a 60-90 seconds.

Excited for you, Bill!