Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shameless Marketing!

It's time for shameless marketing. Room 1515 comes out February 23. It will be available on Amazon, Apple, Kindle, Nook, and Sony, and at Barnes & Noble. The trailer I'm developing will go on YouTube with links to Facebook etc, as soon as I get feedback from you. Several people gave helpful suggestions on my first attempt. As a result, I made significant changes. Let me know if you like them. Watching the trailer will only take 70 seconds.

I understand your time is valuable. I know we get sick of the endless stream of pitches our fellow authors shower on us. Not that I'm against shameless marketing. Obviously, we all have to do this. I don't mind taking five minutes to help someone out. But some requests like the one that follows are frivolous.

        Could you go on Vanity Novelspot and write a quick thumbs up for my book, Detective Morgan: the Cop that Cures the Common Cold. (Minimum review 200 words)

This type of request is doubly disturbing when its being sent to a 600 author group. To really do this you have to read their book. Duh? Then you'd have to write a 200 word review. Now, I'd gladly do this for people whose book I've already read. In fact, I do this now without being asked. However, our time is valuable.

Thanks for taking your time to help me out. To watch the trailer on full screen, click the box on the lower right corner.


Chipper Muse said...

Bill, I LOVE the new trailer! I think it really hits the mark. Best wishes for the book's success!

John Biggs said...

Bill, My Kindle is warmed up and ready for Feb. 23. I'm probably also going to need a signed copy. Will they be available at the OWFI conference.

bwetterman said...

John, absolutely the book will be available at OWFI.

Tracy Crump said...

Love the new trailer, Bill. Great job!